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Family Support in NYS PBIS

Family Involvement Type 4

Learning At Home


Involvement in Academic Activities


Information for Families On:

*      How to help at home with homework

*      Required skills to pass each subject

*      Curriculum-related decisions

*      Other skills and talents

For Schools

Design and implement interactive homework for which students take responsibility to discuss important classwork and ideas with their families



 “Homework” not only means work that students do alone, but also interactive activities that students share and discuss with others at home.

“Help” at home means how families encourage and guide children, not how they “teach” school subjects.


Expected Outcomes


*      Gains in skills, abilities, and test scores linked to homework and classwork

*      Homework completion

*      Positive attitude toward school work

*      View of parent as more similar to teacher and home as more similar to school

*      Self-concept of ability as a learner


 Primary Care Giver/Parent/Guardian:

*      Know how to support, encourage, and help student at home each year

*      Discussions of school, classwork, and homework

*      Understanding of instructional program each year and of what child is learning in each subject

*      Appreciation of teaching skills

*      Awareness of child as a learner



*      Better design of homework assignments

*      Respect for family time

*      Recognition of equal helpfulness of single parent, dual income, and less formally educated families in motivating and reinforcing student learning

*      Satisfaction with family involvement and support


Sample Practices


*      Information for families on skills required for students in all subjects at each grade

*      Information on homework policies and how to monitor and discuss school work at home

*      Information on how to assist students to improve skills on various class and school assignments

*      Regular Schedule of homework that requires students to discuss and interact with families on what they are learning in class

*      Calendars with activities for parents and students to do at home or in the community

*      Family math and science and reading activities in school

*      Summer learning packets or activities

*      Family participation in setting student goals each year and planning for continuing education including trade schools, college or work




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