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Family Support in NYS PBIS


Family Involvement Type 3





Involvement At and For the School

*      In schools or classrooms: Assist administrators, teachers, students, or parents as aides, tutors, coaches, lecturers, chaperones, and other leaders

*      For schools or classrooms: Assist school programs and children’s progress from any location at any time

*      As audiences: Attend assemblies, performances, sports events, recognition and award ceremonies, celebrations, and other events



Challenges for Schools

Recruit widely, provide training, and create flexible schedules for volunteers so that all families know that their time and talents are welcomed and valued



 “Volunteer” not only means those who come during the school day, but also those who support school goals and children’s learning any way, any time.


Expected Outcomes



*      Skill in communication with adults

*      Increased learning of skills that receive tutoring or targeted attention from volunteers

*      Awareness of many skills, talents, occupations, and contributions of parents and other volunteers


            Primary Care Giver/Parent/Guardian:

*      Understanding teacher’s job, increased comfort in school, and carryover of school activities at home

*      Self-confidence about ability to work in school and with children or to take steps to improve ones education

*      Awareness that families are welcome and valued at school

*      Gains in specific skills of volunteer work



*      Readiness to involve families in new ways, including those who do not volunteer at school

*      Awareness of parent talents and interests in school and children

*      Greater individual attention to students, with help from volunteers


Sample Practices


*      School and classroom volunteer program to help teachers, administrators, students and other parents

*      Parent room or family center for volunteer work, meetings and resources for families

*      Annual postcard survey to identify all available talents, times and locations of volunteers

*      Class parent/caregiver telephone tree or other structures to provide all families with needed information

*      Parent/caregiver patrols or other activities to aid safety and operation of school programs


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