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Family Support in NYS PBIS

Family Involvement Type 2






Basic Responsibilities of Schools


School-To-Home Communications

*      Memos, notices, report cards, conferences, newsletters, phone calls, computerized messages

*      Information on school programs, tests, and children’s progress

*      Information to choose or change schools, courses, programs, or activities

Home-To-School Communications

*      Two-way channels of communication for questions and interactions


Challenges for Schools

*      Make all memos, notices, and other print and non-print communications clear and understandable for ALL families

*      Obtain ideas from families to improve the design and content of communications such as newsletters, report cards, and conference schedules



“Communications about school programs and student progress” are not only from school to home, but also from home to school and with the community.


Expected Outcomes


*      Awareness of own progress and of actions needed to maintain or improve grades

*      Understanding of school policies on behavior, attendance, and other areas of conduct

*      Informed decisions about courses and programs

*      Awareness of own role in partnerships, serving as courier and communicator


Primary Care Giver/Parent/Guardian:

*      Understanding school programs and policies

*      Monitoring and awareness of student progress

*      Responding effectively to student problems

*      Interactions with teachers and ease of communications with school and teachers



*      Increased diversity and use of communications with families and awareness of ability to communicate clearly

*      Appreciation and use of parent network for communications

*      Increased ability to elicit and understand family views on children’s programs and progress


Sample Practices


*      Conferences with every parent at least once a year, with follow ups as needed

*      Language translators assist families as needed

*      Weekly or monthly folders of student work sent home for review and comments

*      Parent-student pickup of report cards, with conferences on student progress

*      Regular schedule of useful notices, memos, phone calls, newsletters, and other communications

*      Clear information on choosing schools or courses, programs and activities within schools

*      Clear information on all school policies, programs, reforms and transitions


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