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Family Support in NYS PBIS


Family Involvement Type 6

Collaborating With the Community



Community Contributes To Schools, Students, and Families

Business partners, agencies, cultural groups, health services, recreation, and other groups and programs

Schools, Students, and Families Contribute To Community

Service learning, special projects to share talents and solve local problems

Challenges For All

*      Solve problems of turf, responsibilities, funds, and goals

*      Inform all families and students about community programs and services, and ensure equal opportunities for services and participation



 “Community” includes not only families with children in the schools, but also all who are interested in and affected by the quality of education. Communities are rated not only on economic qualities, but also on the strengths and talents available to support students, families, and schools.


Expected Outcomes



*      Increased skills and talents through enriched curricular and extracurricular experiences

*      Awareness of careers and options for the future education and work

*      Specific benefits linked to programs, services, resources, and opportunities that connect students with community


Primary Care Giver/Parent/Guardian:

*      Knowledge and use of local resources by family and child to increase skills and talents or to obtain needed services

*      Interactions with other families in community activities

*      Awareness of school’s role in the community and of community’s contributions to the school



*      Awareness of community resources to enrich curriculum and instruction

*      Openness to and skill in using mentors, business partners, community volunteers, and others to assist students and augment teaching practice

*      Knowledgeable, helpful referrals of children and families to needed services


Sample Practices


*      Information for students and families on community health, cultural, recreational, social support and other programs or services

*      Information on community activities that link to learning skills and talents, including summer programs for students

*      Service integration through partnerships involving school, civic, counseling, cultural, health, recreation, and other agencies and organizations; and business

*      Service to the community by students, families, and schools (e.g. recycling, art, music, drama and other activities

*      Participation of alumni in school programs for students