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Family Support in NYS PBIS

 Recommended Resources List




Addressing Barriers to Learning: A Set of Surveys to Map What a School Has and What It Needs

Howard Adelman/Linda Taylor

Building Classroom Discipline

Charles, C.M.

CHAMPS – A Proactive and Positive Approach to Classroom Management for Grades K-9

Randy Sprick/Mickey Garrison/Lisa Howard

Developing Positive Behavioral Support for Students with Challenging Behaviors

George Sugai/Timothy J. Lewis

Families and Positive Behavior Support

            Joseph M. Lucyshyn/Glen Dunlap/Richard Albin

Fixing Broken Windows-Restoring Order and Reducing Crime in our Communities

            George I. Kelling/Catherine M. Coles

Responding to Problem Behavior in School

Safe Schools: School-wide Discipline Practices

George Sugai/Timothy J. Lewis

The Tipping Point

When Your Child has a Disability – The Complete Sourcebook of Daily and Medical Care

            Mark L. Batshaw, M.D.



  -         Agnes Stewart Video

  -         Art and Science of Wraparound w/manual

-                  Defusing Anger and Aggression

-                  Fern Ridge Middle School – High Five Training & High Five Program Manual

  -         Samantha: A Story About Positive Behavioral Support

  -         Schoolwide Behavioral Support – Building Systems of Support in Schools & Resource -Guide for Facilitators


Manuals/Resource Guides

  -         Schoolwide Behavioral Support – A Resource Guide for Facilitators (w/video)

-                  The High Five Program – A Positive Approach to School Discipline (w/video)

  -         Applying a Systems Approach to School-Wide Discipline in Secondary Schools:

What We are Learning and Need to Learn

-                  Art and Science of Wraparound (w/video)

-                  The Fantastic Facilitator: Engaging Activities for Leading Groups

-                  The Teacher’s Encyclopedia of Behavior Management: 100 Problems/500 Plans



-                  Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

-                  Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions

  -         Presenting to Adult Learners